Afraid of hurting your heart, I hide everything from you.

I desperately think of you, thinking that you will know…

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On the set of 200th

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“If you have good friends, no matter how much life is sucking, they can make you laugh.”

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So I may have met Paget for the second time in my life! Ahhh, I want to die right now. I went to the first TAH show tonight and after I bought a Frank & Sadie Doyle Poster and I waited with my sister by the exit. A few minutes passed before I started hearing some commotion. And it was Paget!!! was saying ‘hi’ to people when she was making her way out and then I waved and she said hi. I asked for a picture and she was kinda looking at me funny. Then I told her I had came to see her last Sept and she said ‘I know!’ And then she asked me how I was doing. LIKE REALLY?! She actually put her arm around me when we took the picture. I was totally sqeeing on the inside! She also held my hand and I congratulated her on her engagement and she went ‘Aww, thank you!’ She took few more photos with other fans even though she said she needed to go find someone and more people came up to her. A security guard escorted her out.

I wished I brought a permanent marker. I totally remembered one when I left the house but since it was after six I decided against it. I didn’t even plan on buying the poster, but it was so cute. 

Oh, and she was wearing a black trenchcoat over her gold sparkly dress. It was totally giving me Emily Prentiss feelings, lol.

Guh, I love this woman. She’s honestly just the sweetest person in the world.


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Paget Valerie Brewster, March 10th 1969

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Coming back to Tumblr after two weeks only to find a graphic you worked really hard to be stolen and blogged as someone else’s work. FFS, reblog it from the original source and don’t be a fucking thief. Kthanxbye.

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I Got a Boy (Hyoyeon)

I Got a Boy (Hyoyeon)

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Hold on to our hearts
Because we haven’t lost
The feelings to dream,
Stay girls forever…

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Kiss Me, Baby-G

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There are so many things I couldn’t say.

You have never heard them before, but

I’m not someone who just loves anyone I see.

Because among the many people in this world,

I could only see you…

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here comes trouble ♥

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